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Freauently Asked Questions

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Why should I have to provide you with my Email address?

Your Email address is required just for the sake of delivery of Free Follower.

Can I have Free Followers on my multiple accounts?

As per the company policy the free Instagram Follower will be delivering on one ID at once. For more Followers please see our “Services” tab.

How long it will take to deliver the Free Follower?

As we have mentioned that it won’t take so long, however, it is our prime focus to deliver you within 15 minutes.

Do I need to pay you money for these Free Followers if yes then which process do we have to follow?

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Why I trust you?

You can earn 1000 free Instagram Followers without asking for any money. So we believe that there is no chance to harm our visitor tolosing anything. The only thing you have to pay us is a little survey which could cost you 2 or 3 minutes nothing else.

Do you need my Account Login to send me Free Followers?

No, Like For Like Free would not ask for your personal secret information at any cost.

Is this Process Secure? Does it affect my account as a negativeactivity?

This process does notcontain any illegal activity. We have made this process which does not conflict with the rules and regulation of Instagram.

I no longer want to keep these Followers in my account could you remove them?

As we provide you the real Followers from the genuine Instagram accounts, because of this benefit we won’t be able to make any transfer or remove the Follower from your account, however you may remove the Followers through individual blocking follower option.

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